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DKC AutoVera Starter Pack


Brand: DKC

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The most affordable way to start automating your home, apartment or dorm room with ultimate Android control.

Our exclusive Starter Pack includes a MiCasaVerde Vera Lite Home Controller, your choice of TWO Z-Wave module, 5 NFC Tags and a $10 Google Play Gift Card. Add additional Z-Wave modules now to finish your first room, then add more over time to automate your home in the most economical way possible. The DKC Starter Pack is available for a limited time only.



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One(1) MiCasaVerde Vera Lite Home Controller

  • VeraLite is the most flexible, powerful and affordable home controller on the market today. And no monthly fees.
  • Convenient User Interface (UI) - Vera's easy-to-follow setup process will have you up and running in no time.
  • Control from Anywhere in the World - access your Vera network for free from any internet browsing device including your PC, tablet and smartphone.
  • Energy Monitoring - Vera's advanced energy metering capabilities empower you to take control of your energy bill and start saving money.
  • Universal Compatibility - customize your Vera network to fit your needs by hand picking devices regardless of the manufacturer, including over 650 certified Z-Wave devices.
  • Video Monitoring - stream live video from plug and play IP cameras even on your smartphone

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Two(2) Z-Wave Modules of Your Choice

Jasco Lamp Module

Wireless on/off and dimming capabilities for Table and Floor Lamps

Plug-in Module

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Jasco Appliance Module


Wireless on/off capability for most lights, appliances, and power strips.

Plug-in Module

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Jasco In-Wall Dimmer

Wireless on/off and dimming capabilities for wired lighting scenarios. Dimming modules work best with traditional incandescent bulbs and may not behave properly with LED, CFL or other low voltage lighting. See In-Wall Switch for low voltage lighting.

In-Wall Module*

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*Requires advanced installation, see product manual

Jasco In-Wall Switch

Wireless on/off capabilities for wired lighting scenarios. On/Off Switches work with all wired lighting scenarios and most ceiling fans. Can also control a switched outlet. These switches do not include the ability to dim. See In-Wall Dimmer for incandescent dimming..

In-Wall Module*

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*Requires advanced installation, see product manual

Aeon Labs Door/Window Sensor

Wireless Door/Window Sensor can be armed and disarmed remotely, and used to trigger scenes or events. Easy installation on any door or window, battery usage for up to 1 year.

Battery Module

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Aeon Labs 4-1 MultiSensor

Detects Motion, Light Level, Temperature and Humidy.  Use Values to trigger events or as logic in automation scenarios. Easily mounted anywhere, these wireless modules provide up to one year of battery life.

Battery Module

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Five(5) NFC Tags 

  • NTAG203 NFC Forum Compliant IC, 137 bytes of useable memory
  • Great for everything from task launcher apps changing settings and profiles
  • Use with NFC Task Launcher to trigger scenes and devices and more
  • These tags will work with all NFC enabled devices, past, present, and future

One(1) $10 Google Play Gift Card

Most 3rd party apps in Google Play that interface with the Vera are free. Android automation apps like Tasker, along with certain plug-ins, can extend the functionality of your Vera far beyond what you get in the box. While there are free and trial versions of most of these apps, we suggest supporting and thanking these developers by purchasing the apps and plug-ins you appreciate the most. That's why we're including a $10 Google Play Gift Card. 

See our Resources page for a collection of apps that have proven invaluable when integrating Android with the Vera.

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