DroidKC LLC was founded in January of 2012 as an Android retail store, servicing the Kansas City area.  Our focus is to provide Android users an unparalleled level of service and support, far surpassing anything offered by established dealers. Here at DKC, we advocate and encourage taking ownership of your mobile devices. We help unlock the true potential of your Android phone or tablet through education and innovation, utilizing the latest available Android software. Always looking to the future, our Android integration moves beyond the devices you hold and into the places you live and work.


Where We Are Now

We've been providing custom Android-powered Home Automation solutions to the Kansas City area for over a year now and are excited to distribute the same great hardware we've been using to the rest of the world. With DKCAutomation.com, our goal is to filter through the clutter of hardware, software and documentation to offer quality components and up-to-date resources to help make your DIY Home Automation dreams a reality.

Our direct relationships with multiple vendors ensure we always stock new and exciting inventory as we grow with the industry. All products sold on our site are stocked and shipped directly from our Overland Park, KS location. 

 The Future

Thanks to open source software and open APIs, our Android devices are capable of more than we can possibly imagine.  As a community, we have only begun to scratch the surface of what is to come and it will be Android users like yourself that help pave the road to the future. We will adapt and grow with emerging technologies, hardware and software included, but pledge to always stay focused on the platform that makes these dreams a reality, Android. 


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